Tesia White: Protect Your Furbabies

The heartbreaking Tesia White story in Daytona Beach, FL, revealing the tragic loss of her four beloved dogs due to a possible car mechanical issue. The narrative underscores the unforeseen dangers of leaving pets in cars, emphasizing the importance of awareness. This poignant reminder urges pet owners to prioritize safety and consider preventive measures like Waggle to avoid similar incidents.

Mario Ayala


We drove up to Daytona Beach, FL where we filmed this story. We took only the necessary gear but always well prepared. I love filming with the Sony FX3 and Atomos Ninja V, it's an awesome combo. We shot everything in ProRes RAW and all the B-roll footage was filmed on the Sony A7IV to compliment it. We tried to use some ambient lighting but ultimately we decided to key light our subjects with the Aputure 120D mark II; beautiful color render from it. Our microphones where a mixture of the Wireless GO 2, the Azden XLR mic with the FX3 and the Rode Videomic NTG on the A7IV. Although a sad story, it was a lot of fun to work on this project.

It's easy to judge someone especially when you don't have all the details and the media smears someone's name for days. I admittedly had some thoughts on this prior to filming this story when Roger P. Foley reached out (Tesia's Attorney). After meeting Tesia and her family, I quickly realized that there were some significant details that did not make headlines. While it did not change the outcome, we hope that this heartbreaking story will save lives.

Tesia White was a caring dog mom; she took them to the vet, she fed them daily and kept them healthy. She did this and many more activities, including traveling throughout the sates; these were her children. Everybody that knew Tesia White knew she loved her furbabies and were shocked when they heard the news. In an unfortunate event, Tesia's four beautiful dogs died in her car.

It was discovered later that due to a possible mechanical issue with the her car, her AC stopped working. Tesia did not anticipate a mechanical problem could occur as she kept her vehicle well maintained. As I now know, it is not uncommon for an individual traveling with a dog to stop at locations and leave the car running while the animal is safely cooled inside. Tesia was also not aware that there were products like Waggle that would help keep her precious pets safe inside her vehicle. She now shares this story so that other pet owners may become aware of the dangers of leaving pets in cars and also to share this product that could have potentially prevented this incident.

Even if the engine is running and the Air conditioning is on, mechanical issues can occur. A car can reach very high temperatures quickly to an unsafe temperature for anyone. Tesia White lost her loving companions and she will forever have to live with that. Please share this video so that others do not make the same mistake. Do not trust that your car's ac will work if the car is running. Avoid leaving you dogs in the car. If you do, don't leave them in there for more than 5 -7 minutes and have a product like Waggle as backup.