Crafting Excellence: The Journey of Collaborating with 2XSR on the Sandbag Backpack Kickstarter Campaign

In the ever-evolving world of fitness, innovation is the driving force that propels brands to new heights. 2XSR, a trailblazing Canadian company renowned for its cutting-edge fitness products, is no exception. At the helm of this vision is Paul Bassoo, a highly esteemed certified strength and conditioning coach with a remarkable background working alongside elite athletes and professional teams. Recently, we had the privilege of collaborating with Paul and his team to bring to life their latest creation—the Sandbag Backpack, a revolutionary product poised to redefine the standards of strength, speed, and recovery in the fitness industry.


Mario Ayala


Our collaborative journey with Paul and his team began with a shared vision of pushing the boundaries of fitness. For a month, our dedicated team worked remotely from Florida, immersing ourselves in the intricacies of Paul's vision. The aim was not just to create a product but to capture the essence of 2XSR's commitment to dynamic and accessible fitness.

Modeling Excellence: A Unique Approach

To infuse authenticity into our Kickstarter campaign video, we took a unique approach. Leveraging our remote location in Florida, we enlisted the help of actual Police Officers and fitness enthusiasts as models. This decision added a layer of realism to the video, showcasing the Sandbag Backpack in action within the context of real-life scenarios. The collaboration extended beyond the virtual realm, creating a tangible connection between the product and its potential users.

Overcoming Distance: Global Collaboration

In our pursuit of excellence, we faced the challenge of geographical distance. Undeterred, Paul had his hired videographer capture raw footage overseas, seamlessly integrating it into our project. This international collaboration added a global dimension to the campaign, emphasizing the universal appeal of the Sandbag Backpack.

The Finishing Touch: A Symphony of Voices

To enhance the storytelling aspect of our campaign, we enlisted the expertise of a skilled voice artist. Their narration brought Paul's insights and the journey of the Sandbag Backpack to life, creating a compelling narrative that resonated with our audience. The voice artist became the voice of the collaborative effort, articulating the passion and dedication invested in the project.

Community Engagement and Exclusive Insights:

The Kickstarter campaign served not only as a funding platform but also as a medium for community engagement. Backers were offered exclusive behind-the-scenes insights, including the collaborative process, model selection, and the challenges faced during a month of remote work. This transparency fostered a sense of shared excitement and anticipation among the backers, further amplifying the impact of the campaign.


The triumph of the 2XSR Sandbag Backpack Kickstarter campaign serves as a shining example of what can be achieved through the synergy of collaboration and innovation within the fitness industry. Partnering closely with Paul Bassoo and his dedicated team, we brought a visionary concept to life, encapsulating the very essence of 2XSR's unwavering commitment to dynamic and accessible fitness. Overcoming challenges that ranged from hands-on collaboration with actual Police Officers to navigating geographical distances, this project exemplifies the indomitable spirit and ingenuity that define the ethos of 2XSR. Notably, the Kickstarter campaign soared to success, surpassing its goal within the inaugural day—a testament to the enthusiastic support from backers. As anticipation builds for the imminent arrival of the Sandbag Backpacks, we not only celebrate the product itself but also reflect on the collaborative journey that has reshaped the fitness landscape. Beyond being a mere backpack, the Sandbag Backpack stands as a symbol of excellence, crafted through the harmonious blend of collaboration, innovation, and a shared passion for fitness.