Choosing the Right Marketing Firm: An Expedition with Marketing Strategia

"Marketing Strategia" is a leading marketing firm founded by Liz Williams, Julia Williams, and Youssef Bashir, who bring diverse expertise from industries like software and biopharmaceuticals. Their customer-centric approach and commitment to human connection set them apart, as evidenced by their collaboration with TMK Productions to develop tailored marketing solutions. With a track record of success with industry leaders and local businesses alike, they prioritize building meaningful relationships and delivering results. Liz, Julia, and Youssef's combined skills ensure they stay ahead of trends and reshape modern marketing in an interconnected world. Ultimately, Marketing Strategia isn't just about crafting strategies—it's about forging connections and redefining the essence of marketing.


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With marketing, trends come and go in the blink of an eye. Finding the perfect marketing agency to help you navigate them can help you achieve your business goals. That's where Marketing Strategia comes in – a leading marketing firm founded by three innovators whose passion for discovery and thirst for knowledge have not only shaped their personal journeys but also the core values of their company.

Liz Williams, Julia Williams, and Youssef Bashir make up the formidable trio leading Marketing Strategia. With a combined background spanning various industries like software, technology, and biopharmaceuticals, their diverse expertise, skills, and insights have propelled them to the forefront of the marketing scene.

Liz Williams (left), drawing from her experience as a Vice President of Marketing, brings a sharp focus on customer-centric strategies, skillfully navigating both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing to drive satisfaction and revenue.

Julia Williams (center), renowned for her data-driven approach and expertise in high-growth strategies, has made her mark by spearheading marketing efforts for tech startups and large corporations, consistently delivering outstanding results.

Completing the trio is Youssef Bashir (right), a visionary leader known for his customer-centric approach and ability to drive marketing transformations across industries, from Fortune 500 companies to hospitality ventures.

However, what sets Marketing Strategia apart goes beyond professional accolades. Fueled by their shared passion for travel and cultural immersion, Liz, Julia, and Youssef prioritize human connection as the foundation of their business philosophy.

Their partnership with TMK Productions is a testament to this philosophy. By integrating their areas of expertise, Marketing Strategia has developed customer-centric marketing solutions for a range of companies, spanning from human resource technology to supply chain management. This collaboration highlights the power of teamwork and creativity that goes into marketing that drives results.

Furthermore, Marketing Strategia's proven track record speaks volumes. With real-world results garnered from collaborations with industry leaders, they bring a wealth of experience to every project. And crucially, they haven't forgotten their roots. Drawing on their experiences with major corporations, Marketing Strategia has adapted that knowledge to support local businesses in North Carolina, bridging the gap between global expertise and local needs.

No matter which project they're working on, one principle stands out for Liz, Julia, and Youssef: putting people first is the key to business success. They're not just creating marketing strategies; they're building connections, breaking barriers, and reshaping the essence of modern marketing in an interconnected world.